Our Facilities


Main Facility

  • Easy access even for big components
  • Office for Client with internet access
  • CCTV Camera
  • Secure Facility
  • Parking

Work Area

  • 30,000 sq ft covered area
  • Equipped with :
    • Kaiser Electric compressor
    • Plug and play welding bays
    • 3 Ton & 7 Ton Forklift
    • Milling machine
    • Lathe
    • Mini Blaster
    • 5 Ton Overhead Crane

Blast Booth

  • 3750mm h x 4000mm w x 14000mm l
  • Various blast profiles can be obtained
  • Able to use different blast medium from garnet to stainless steel shot
  • Blast up to SA 3

Heating Oven

  • 3000mm h x 4000mm w x 14000mm l
  • 3 separate burners with individual controller
  • Temperature range up to 325°C
  • Gas Fired

Gas Farm

  • Storage of gas for oven
  • Ensuring continuous production

Coating Booth

  • 3300mm h x 4400mm w x 14000mm l
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Vacuum system ensuring no residue remains
  • Proper lighting for visual inspection

Our Specialised Purpose-Built Equipment