Project Reference

Project Type of Coating Component
BOC-BOD Bends IMPP 24″ Bends
Manora PLEMs Field Development LE, IMPU 8″ Bends
Manora Bends Field Development IMPP 8″ Bends
Malikai Project 3 Coat System Flanges
Bergading Complex Project 3LPE 8″ Bends
Bardegg Bends Project 3LPP 24” Bends
Jimah East Power 3LPE 1” Pipes
RAPID Project 3LPE 10” & 8” Blind Flanges
Industrial Gates Black/Copper Powder Coat Various Sizes
GEX Plenum Box (Stainless Steel) Internal Powder Coated & External 2-part paint Exhaust & Transition Box
NFA Bends IMPP with PIH. 20″ Bends